Adjustable Level Switch

  • We offer Adjustable type Level Switch for use in Sumps, Over Head Tanks and Storage Tanks. The Adjustable Level Switches are easy to install. Likewise, the levels are easily adjustable at site. We can provide Adjustable Level Switches in different technical specifications.


    Adjustable Level Switch consists of separate Level Switch assembly for each level like Low, High, Middle or Multi-level. These individual level switch assy, are suspended through SS Rope & are freely adjustable along the SS rope. The level switch assy, are provided with adjustable disc, which can slide through the SS rope & are secured to SS rope with stopper or cable tie at required levels. The cables are terminated inside a weatherproof enclosure. The adjustable Level Switch is provided with mounting flange of standard size.

    Specifications :

    Electrical Rating : Max. Voltage: 24V AC/DC Max. current: 0.5A
    Mechanical :  
    Max. temperature : 80⁰C
    Max. pressure : Atmospheric
    Wetted parts MOC :  
    Float : SS 316/ Nylon Foam
    Rope : SS316
    Dead weight : PP
    Adjustable Disc : PP
    Cable : PVC